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:::Polar Bears illustrations:::

You can enjoy some nice plar bear illustrations I created for a recent infographic.

Check here:

:::Time Travel Posters featured on Independent:::

Featured on Independent today, a series of TimeTravel posters I designed in collaboration with NeoMam (gif animation added by NeoMam – project for Expedia)


:::Cinema Couple print:::

A new print is available on Society6.com to decorate your walls.

You can check all available items including clocks, prints, mugs, case and many more:

:::Candies on Procreate::::

Lately, I am testing Procreate brushes more and more here’s a quick sketch I made.

:::Euro 2016 Great Final Match: Portugal vs France:::

An illustration I created for the final match of UEFA Euro 2016  Football Cup, Porugal vs France. Let’s enjoy the game!

You can see full infographic here:

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:::Euro 2016 infographic:::

Euro 2016  for football lovers has begun. You can see my latest infographic with all teams here:


Euro 2016 is here and I decided to make a very short infographic about the group matches. Based on my all-time favourite football game Subbuteo, I designed the teams as Subbuteo players for a nice twist. I can still remember these sweet 80s memories of playing Subbuteo, one of the best tabletop football game.
For more info, please check here:

Below, you can find more info on the Groups Matches and Scores, which will updated after each match day. Moreover you can find the Round 16 phase, where you can estimate the next rounds matches until the glorious Final.

Predictions: As I love making predictions, though I never take money bets, here are my thoughts for this football event. It is obvious, France will be “supported” more than normal, especially after the political problems, so the french people can stop protesting on the streets. So it very possible France will reach the final.
Other than that, I see Italy and Switzerland to have possibilities to proceed too far; in fact, Italy having a lot of possibilities to reach and win the Grand Final in my opinion. While most people see Germany as the best team right now, I will take the risk to predict they will not reach the finals. In general, there are many other nice teams with potential like Poland & Belgium.


:::Summer Vacation balcony:::

:::Safari Animals:::

Some vector berries made in Adobe Illustrator.

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:::Pets illustration:::