Hi! My name is Ilias Sounas, Illustrator/Designer from Athens, Greece. I love creating whimsical illustrations with monsters & weird characters. Available for commissions :)

:::Happy Cloud:::.

I have created a new short animation called Happy Cloud just for fun. I did the character animation in Flash, backgrounds in Photoshop and then I composed all elements in After Effects. It’s a single-camera shot. The main idea behind this was that people sometimes try to find their soulmate “looking far away”, while he/she is “closer” than they think.

“Happy cloud” animation was a winner in UK 4mations.tv summer competition 2009.
And here are the critics it received:
Happy Cloud by Ilias Sounas
Adam Gee: “A little burst of bouncy, colourful cosmic joy.”
Hugo Sands: “A cohesive, coherent and nicely-designed execution of a simple idea.”