Hi! My name is Elias Sounas (Ηλίας Σούνας), Illustrator/Designer from Athens, Greece. I love creating whimsical illustrations with monsters & cute characters. .:Available for commissions:. Contact: sounas [@] gmail.com


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—-SWIPE LEFT—–Here’s a quick step-by-step tip of how to add small vector texture details in Adobe Illustrator. Hope you like my process :)————-////———–(Οδηγίες για να προσθέσετε vector υφές γρήγορα και εύκολα στο illustrator) #vector #texture #adobeillustrator #workflow #illustration #viking #steps #εικονογράφηση #σχέδιο

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:::Breakfast vector graphics available to buy:::

A set of vector graphics for breakfast compositions/projects in a single .ai adobe illustrator file.
Two illustrations are included, as seen in the images above to help you for your projects.
You can easily use any element in Photoshop as well. Open Illustrator and copy/paste as smart object in Photoshop without resolution concerns.

You can buy full set here for 9$:

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:::Brexit illustration featured on Envato blog:::

My last year Brexit illustration  is being featured today on Envato blog post named “Politics Through the Eyes of 12 Artists”.
The post features various artists from around the world, who had created recently political illustrations.


You can also read a short description for my Brexit illustration”Free from chains”:

“This is a political illustration I created for the Brexit event, which I highly applaud and support. The illustration is based on a famous Prometheus legend, the titan who was captured by Zeus and the eagle who ate his liver.

In my version, the eagle represents the high German state (politicians), which destroys European nations due to its aggressive financial behavior. Through Brexit, Great Britain (depicted as Athena), snaps her slavery chains to claim her freedom against her suppressor, the EU/German bureaucracy.”

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:::USA states with business field illustrations:::

Some latest screenshots from a work in progress, USA states with business fields.
Nice vector illustrations with textures and a vivid colour palette.


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:::Sounas featured on EnvatoTuts+:::

I have been recently featured on EnvatoTuts+ in the international artist series posts along with some nice fellow Greek designers.
You can read more here:

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:::Polar Bears illustrations:::

You can enjoy some nice plar bear illustrations I created for a recent infographic.

Check here:

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:::Euro 2016 infographic:::

Euro 2016  for football lovers has begun. You can see my latest infographic with all teams here:


Euro 2016 is here and I decided to make a very short infographic about the group matches. Based on my all-time favourite football game Subbuteo, I designed the teams as Subbuteo players for a nice twist. I can still remember these sweet 80s memories of playing Subbuteo, one of the best tabletop football game.
For more info, please check here:

Below, you can find more info on the Groups Matches and Scores, which will updated after each match day. Moreover you can find the Round 16 phase, where you can estimate the next rounds matches until the glorious Final.

Predictions: As I love making predictions, though I never take money bets, here are my thoughts for this football event. It is obvious, France will be “supported” more than normal, especially after the political problems, so the french people can stop protesting on the streets. So it very possible France will reach the final.
Other than that, I see Italy and Switzerland to have possibilities to proceed too far; in fact, Italy having a lot of possibilities to reach and win the Grand Final in my opinion. While most people see Germany as the best team right now, I will take the risk to predict they will not reach the finals. In general, there are many other nice teams with potential like Poland & Belgium.


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:::Pets illustration:::

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:::Slow Time infographic graphics:::

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:::Plagiarism of Sounas Artwork:::

Recently, a fan of my artwork sent me a post of a new game named “Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake” and I was shocked! Most of the graphics used on the Game Map are pure copies of my Happy World named Teratakia, which I designed for the awarded game “MonsterUp Adventures” of the swiss company, Karios Games. Normally, I would have no problem for the designer to be inspired by my artwork but this is really insane, as he has copied the graphics exactly. Even the world is the same: islands on the sea. The mountains, the hills, small details, the sea waves, even the Skull at the right side of the island. This is not inspiration, this is my whole world copied by a lazy, unoriginal designer.

Please note, I designed this game in 2012 and “Monsters ate my birthday cake” is released in 2014.
You can see details here:
Dribbble (2012):

Behance (2012):


You can download the MonsterUp game here:

I’m really flattered new designers and illustrators get inspiration from my artwork but it’s unacceptable to raise money from Kickstarter and sell my ideas as theirs to Cartoon Network!
This is outrageous.

Inspiration is a different thing than plagiarism.  Look at this developer, who  have the courage to mention he was inspired by my video Space Alone to create its great game ” Incoboto Mini”:
He didn’t rip-off my world. “Monsters Ate my Birtday Cake” has ripped-off my Game map and that’s unacceptable. Their lazy, young designer seems to have no design ethos.

So, I demand the Game Map to be removed and a new one with different assets to be designed.

Please, have a look at the detailed graphics below and judge yourself (click on the image to zoom in):

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Hopscotch characters at school

Jocelyn Leavitt from Hopscotch app has just sent me some nice images of children drawing my printed characters at school. This is a great feeling to see my characters inspire kids not only use the Hopscotch fantastic app but also use their skills on drawing!


You can check my characters here .
For official Hopscotch app, visit their website here: https://www.gethopscotch.com/

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:::Pirate: from concept sketch to final illustration:::

Recently I enrolled @Matt Kaufenberg Skillshare class about “Character Illustration: From Concept to Final Artwork” to support his effort.
The class is great and if you are interested in learning illustration techniques, this is perfect for you.

You can visit this nice class here:

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:::Sounas art on Paper app:::

I just updated the latest Paper app version on iPad and there was a nice surprise!
Zoom function and one of my drawings featured on their gallery. Great!

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Συνέντευξη στο Greektuts.gr

Ένα μεγάλο ευχαριστώ στον Παναγιώτη Γρηγορόπουλο για την τιμή να φιλοξενήσει μια ενδιαφέρουσα -νομίζω- συνέντευξη μου, την οποία μπορείτε να διαβάσετε στην σελίδα Greektuts.net.

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Sounas timeout interview on Dribbble

Dribble recently featured an interview of me in their TimeOut section  and you can read more here:



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:::Animasyros 1.0:::

As I had mentioned in a previous entry, I attended the new animation festival Animasyros, September 19-21. It was a great experience for all attendees and dozens of animated films were screened during the festival. In addition I was an official speaker about “2D animation in the digital era”, presenting some techniques in the standard workflow for Flash & After Effects.

The event was hosted in Syros island, in Apollo Theatre (an italian opera-style building)andincluded apart from the screenings, valuable workshops, presentations and various activities.

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:::Ilias Sounas’ Condomunity Member Illustration Tutorial:::


As I had told you before, there’s a nice tutorial about how I created a Condom Character in Adobe Illustrator, which has been posted to Condomunity blog.

There, you can find interesting info about condoms combined with humour and a little of artistic touch and all these by my friend Simon from Switcherland :)

You can read the full tutorial here


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:::Wall-e & Space Alone:::


Recently I watched the trailer of the Pixar’s upcoming animated film: “Wall-E”.
It seems to be a promising film and very succesful as the previous ones. Besides I’m a big fan of Pixar’s creations as they have great animation techniques and interesting story plots. What’s more surprising with Wall-e is some similar story elements in common with “Space Alone”, though Pixar’s main story is totally different. But it’s great to see someone else to have this passion about the loneliness in space and people’s effort to get in touch with other.

Wall- e will be released during Summer 2008 and I’m eager to watch it!!!

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:::Space Alone – People’s Choice Winner of TGSNT V:::

Final results for TGSNT V flash competition!!!

Grand prize: These are the boring bits by Joe Davis, UK
Runner up #1: The Composer by Joshiah Brooks, USA
Runner up #2: The Stranger Forest by Belka, Russia
People’s Choice: Space Alone – me :)

I have to admit I liked all the submissions (one of my favourites was “The Idiot” by Michael Socha) and I’m looking forward to TGSNT VI.

So, Space Alone has won the recognition of People’s Choice along with some cool prizes from various sponsors and I guess this was the final contest Space Alone was submitted to. There’s a new story under developement at the moment and soon my third animation will be available at various websites.

Thanks all the people for voting me!

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:::MyToons contest- Meet the animation winners:::


You can read a short info for every winner of the recent Mytoons.com blastoff bumper contest. Just visit the Animation Snack, the place where you can find all the news regarding Mytoons.
There’s also info about me as I was one of the winners of this fantastic contest with my submission “Cookie Monster”. i really enjoyed all the hours spent for it.
Thanks MyToons for the great prize!!!

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:::Ilias Sounas on Aniboom.com Competition:::

Great news from Aniboom.com, one of the greatest animation communities on the web.
Space Alone was a finalist and it is ready to compete in the final round along with other great animations at Drama category. I won a ToonBoom Studio and I’ m waiting for this great animation package.Additionaly, there’s a short video with my testimonial about Space Alone and Aniboom competition. Check here.

Thanks Shira for these terrific news!

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:::Ilias Sounas in Adobe Flash On Campaign:::

What a pleasant surprise!

The new Flash On Campaign by Adobe has included “Space Alone”, my flash animation along with other great creations to present its new ambition for the internet’s future. It’s really great to have my animation featured in the Adobe’s official site and I hope people like it.

You can check here:

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:::FMX and Flashconference 2007:::

Fmx festival 2007 is over but it was great!!!

Many congratulations to Wolfgang Schmidt, the ultimate organizer of the Flashconference, the section exclusively for Flash. I feel very lucky for choosing me as one of the speakers of this year’s conference. I had a great time in beautiful Stuttgart, met a lot of friends (greetings to Holger, Aaron, Christian, Clarissa) and I really suggest to all of you who are interested in animation industry (both in 3d and 2d) to visit Fmx definetely next year.


Concerning my presentation for Flashconference, I hope you liked it and at least you learned something useful both for your storytelling and flash animation skills. And thanks for your comments about Space Alone, my new flash animation.

Flashconference (the part which has to do with the Flash field) hosted great international persons:

-Greg Rewis presented the new Actionscript strongpoints of Flash CS3

-Peter Elst from Belgium talked about the upcoming potential of Flash and Flash Lite in alternative devices (like PSP, Chumby, mobile etc.)

-Claus Wahlers from Brazil demonstrated the new flash ui components with Actionscript 3.0

-Boris Lakowski and Peter Reichard from Scholz & Volkmer presented their interactive project for Mercedes-Benz.com. Combining flexible actionscript capabilities with Google Maps allowed users to track 33 Mercedes models on their route from Paris to Beijing.

-Mario Klingemann managed to create abstract art pieces through actionscript code and randomness of graphics.

-Marcos Weskamp revealed the exact process for creating a real world Actionscript 3 project from the scratch to finish.

-Holger Eggert and Clarissa Stecher from Berlin talked about the principles of storytelling and showed some of their projects like Color and their new achievement “Gloaming”, web based comic in Flash.

-André Michelle demonstrated the true power of Actionscript 3 for advanced audio handling in Flash.

These were honestly top projects.

Fmx in general was a great experience by attending the best talks and screenings of top level studios like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks etc. One of the best presentations I attended to was “Gobelins” animation school from Paris. I think they provide high level courses and their students work is fantastic! Of course there was a thorough presentation of Adobe’s new

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:::Flash Conference material:::

My presentation was for Flash Conference at FMX 2007.

“Flash for animation and motion graphics” and you can see some pics from the material I used.