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:::Wall-e & Space Alone:::


Recently I watched the trailer of the Pixar’s upcoming animated film: “Wall-E”.
It seems to be a promising film and very succesful as the previous ones. Besides I’m a big fan of Pixar’s creations as they have great animation techniques and interesting story plots. What’s more surprising with Wall-e is some similar story elements in common with “Space Alone”, though Pixar’s main story is totally different. But it’s great to see someone else to have this passion about the loneliness in space and people’s effort to get in touch with other.
Wall- e will be released during Summer 2008 and I’m eager to watch it!!!

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  1. HLIA! Ti kaneis? H Arxontoula eimai! Remember? Exw na se dw aiwnes. se epsaxna sto internet kapoies fores gia na dw ti douleia sou. Ola pane kala opws vlepw ;-) euxomai ta kalutera

  2. Well written article.

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