Hi! My name is Elias Sounas (Ηλίας Σούνας), Illustrator/Designer from Athens, Greece. I love creating whimsical illustrations with monsters & cute characters. .:Available for commissions:. Contact: sounas [@] gmail.com

:::Condom animation::.

This is a short video I created showing valuable info about the condom’s right use. I think it’s very educating for all of you but above all it’s very funny to watch. I loved this happy project!
I decided to have a happy approach for it, so people don’t feel awkward while watching.
The character animation was created in Flash, final composition and direction in After Effects.
Made for SelectMedia.org

:::Light & Darkness – Procreate illustration:::

What does a lighthouse light reveal in the darkness?

Drawing on ipad with Procreate.

This is “Light & Darkness” illustration, my entry for Procreate Contrast Art Prize 2019 contest, which was featured in “Procreate Work We Love” runner-up list.

You can enjoy the winners and runner-ups here: