Hi! My name is Elias Sounas (Ηλίας Σούνας), Illustrator/Designer from Athens, Greece. I love creating whimsical illustrations with monsters & cute characters. .:Available for commissions:. Contact: sounas [@] gmail.com

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:::Brexit illustration featured on Envato blog:::

My last year Brexit illustration  is being featured today on Envato blog post named “Politics Through the Eyes of 12 Artists”.
The post features various artists from around the world, who had created recently political illustrations.


You can also read a short description for my Brexit illustration”Free from chains”:

“This is a political illustration I created for the Brexit event, which I highly applaud and support. The illustration is based on a famous Prometheus legend, the titan who was captured by Zeus and the eagle who ate his liver.

In my version, the eagle represents the high German state (politicians), which destroys European nations due to its aggressive financial behavior. Through Brexit, Great Britain (depicted as Athena), snaps her slavery chains to claim her freedom against her suppressor, the EU/German bureaucracy.”

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