Hi! My name is Elias Sounas (Ηλίας Σούνας), Illustrator/Designer from Athens, Greece. I love creating whimsical illustrations with monsters & cute characters. .:Available for commissions:. Contact: sounas [@] gmail.com

:::Sounas as a speaker in AnimaSyros 1.0 Animation Festival:::

A new animation festival is born!
Αniμasyroς (animasyros) is an annual international animation festival located in Syros island in the Aegean Sea in Greece .
Αniμasyroς will last for three days in September (19-21), during which a variety of animated films from all over the world will be shown and seminars on the history and techniques of animation will take place. In addition, there will be workshops, seminars and presentations by Eleni Mouri (Animation History), Costas Tiligadis (3D Animation), Atanas Djonov (Beware unfenced road – Australian animators), Christina De Pian (something is moving!).
I will also be a speaker about “2D animation in digital era”, where I will present an example of workflow for digital animation in Flash & After Effects.
There’s no entry fee, so you are all welcome to take part and enjoy yourselves by watching animated films in the beautiful Apollon Theatre in Syros.
You can read more in the official site

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